Caulfield Cup 2016 Date: Prepare Yourselves

Caulfield Cup Date

The horse racing culture brings the city of Melbourne alive. This spring time, the Caulfield Cup 2016 date falls on October 15. This is the final event for the Caulfield Cup Carnival, running from October 8-15. As the entertainment industry sets up a big party, you need to get yourself ready to be part of it.

Throughout the Caulfield Cup Carnival, live music, and fine dining are set up in the background of horses racing. The party invites the go-getters of Melbourne and beyond to join in the action. Now is the time to start your checklist of things to do before the party starts.

Get ready for the Caulfield Cup 2016 date today!

Getting ready for the Caulfield Cup 2016 Date

What the Women Need for the Carnival

Style, glamour, and hats that catch the eye are on top of the list for the girls. When there is an important event approaching, women know how to impress. The top priorities for the women include:

  • A seasonally stylish dress
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A hat or fascinator that compliments the dress
  • A champagne glass or something similar in hand on the day

What the Men Need for the Carnival

It’s just as much a priority for the men to look their best. While the women are the ones in Fashion on the Fields, the men in suits support them. Of course, style comes different for each individual, but to get the men on the right track here are some things to keep in mind:

  • A comfortable suit
  • A tie or bow tie with complimentary colours
  • A pocket napkin
  • Well polished shoes
  • Sleek sunglasses

What to put in your Diary for the Caulfield Cup 2016 Date

The Herald Sun recently published a comprehensive checklist for the Caulfield Cup Carnival Dates. Check out the carnival dates at the website here. Pick your date and pick your outfit to be part of the party that never ends!


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