Top 10 Caulfield Cup Betting Tips

Caulfield Cup betting

10 Caulfield Cup Betting Tips for Success

  1. Firstly, establish a solid bank. Don’t allow this to exceed an amount you’re not comfortable with.
  2. Think about what percentage of your bank you are willing to bet for each race. Stick to this figure and don’t be tempted otherwise. A percentage of one to two is reasonable. Also, don’t forget to get bookies free bets to add to your bank as a handy tactic.
  3. Trust your initial impressions of a given race. Determine whether the favourite is solid or vulnerable. If the favourites look tough to beat, avoid that race altogether. Three to five races is a good number to stick to.
  4. Be well informed on handicapping methods. Choose one that you prefer to establish the order of preference for selections. What’s more, think about what odds you will accept to help your selections.
  5. Be aware of how the race will run. If you’re unclear on this, you’re probably unclear on what horses you should bet on.
  6. Have a good plan for the day. Here you want to eliminate poor races. Typically, you want to determine a strategy with potential win bets, singles, and exotic wagers. Plan it out before you’re trackside.
  7. Be confident with your strategy. Once you start betting, stick to it. Ultimately, you’re in charge of your final decisions with betting. Try to avoid listening to unwarranted advice from the guy at the bar or someone standing next to you as the horses run.
  8. If you win, don’t increase your wagers. If you lose, don’t press. Hence, you can protect your bankroll this way. Avoid being overly aggressive in the moment and remember that tomorrow will have plenty more opportunities.
  9. Flexibility is important, but only change when there is evidence to support a change. A strong bias may appear, or your top selection might be grossly over bet. Think through any changes carefully and only follow through when absolutely necessary.
  10. Have fun! Make the most of the day out at the races. Keep a sense of humour about you and remain composed. After all, it’s only money at the end of the day. And if you play your cards right with the right attitude, you’ll end up with more than you came with.

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