Ladbrokes Caulfield Cup

Ladbrokes has its Caulfield Cup ‘All in’ market available a few weeks before the Caulfield Cup, and it’s dead simple to find. From the home page just scroll down and on the left-hand side you will see ‘Featured Racing’ with a Caulfield Cup link under it.

With a week out from the Caulfield Cup, Ladbrokes does not have the Caulfield Cup listed under their ‘Racing’ header, so don’t go looking for it in there, it is only on the home page under ‘ Featured Racing ’.

Closer to race day a Caulfield Cup link is clearly listed on the left hand side of the home page under ‘ Quick Links ’. This is where all major betting events end up on Ladbrokes, it is very convenient and easy to find.

Ladbrokes Left Menu

Caulfield Cup Betting With Ladbrokes

You can find the Caulfield Cup page under ‘Racing’ on the side bar. You then need to select ‘Horse Racing’ and ‘Horse Racing Futures’ which will take you to a race list page. However, the next starting race will be displayed by default so you still need to select the Caulfield Cup from the left when you get to this page. The week before race day a Caulfield Cup link appears on the left hand side of the home page under ‘Top Events’.

Ladbrokes Race Card

Mobile Betting on the Caulfield Cup With Ladbrokes

The link to the Caulfield Cup market is even easy to find on your smart phone. Just scroll down from the mobile home page and you will see the Caulfield Cup link under ‘ Racing Futures ’. If you select ‘Racing’ from the top on the home page you can also scroll down past all of the current days racing and ‘Racing Futures’ will also appear.

Ladbrokes Caulfield Cup Markets
Early on Ladbrokes only have ‘All in’ for the ‘Win’ and ‘Each Way’ markets on the Caulfield Cup. Later you will be able to select from the normal range of markets like any other race. By selecting the Caulfield Cup link now you will be direct to page with a list of all the available horse, similar to a ‘ Pick the Premier ’ page for sports. If you want to bet each way this is done on the bet slip once you have made your selection. You need to choose it from the drop down box next to where you enter your stake.

Once full markets are available, if you select the race link you will go to the main race card page. This page is very intuitive and it is easy to find your horse and place the style of bet your want. As standard Ladbrokes offers Win, Pick your Own Odds, Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta and First 4 markets. Pick Your Own Odds lets you chose the margin you think your horse will win by, or the odds at which you wish to back the horse. This works very similar to margin betting in sport, great if you want to give your horse a handicap.

Ladbrokes Fav vs. Field
At the bottom of the race sheet you will see a market for ‘Favourite’ vs the ‘Field’. Handy if you can’t select your Caulfield Cup winner straight off the bat.

Ladbrokes Caulfield Cup Promotions

Before you place any bets check out the Ladbrokes promotions page which can be seen here. Their current promotions will be running as a banner across the top of the home page. Otherwise if you go to the promotions header it will list all the current options. Generally, it is easier to click through from the promotions page then look for the individual promotion on each bet page. You can also check the terms and conditions easily from here. Most racing promotions with Ladbrokes are open to all Australian residents.

View ALL of the specials for the Caulfield Cup:

Some common promotions to look out for are 20% bonuses and ‘Enhanced Odds’. For the first one, Ladbrokes applies a 20% winnings bonus on a selected races and it might be available for the Melbourne Cup. The second one usually on offer is ‘Enhanced Odds’. For this you need to wait till race day, where an additional market will become available on the race bet sheet. It is usually just after the ‘Fixed odds’ markets, bright red and hard to miss. This market will have odds about 20% higher than the normal available odds, there is usually however, a $50 max bet.
Ladbrokes Bonus Bet
During Caulfield Cup race week start to run banners and offers on their race pages if there are any applicable promotions or Caulfield Cup offers or/or Bonus Bets. Be sure to keep an eye on our site, we’ll have all of the latest Ladbrokes Caulfield Cup betting promotions and  Bonus Bets .

Ladbrokes Caulfield Cup Promotions & Sign Up Bonuses
Sign up below to claim this Ladbrokes Hill Caulfield Cup promotion, or to see more bookmakers promotions click here.Ladbrokes Caulfield Cup Enhanced Odds
Ladbrokes Bet SlipA big one for Ladbrokes is their  Oddsboost  product. Ladbrokes are a very innovative betting company and lead the way with this product which has now been copied across all of the major bookmakers. The Ladbrokes ‘OddsBoost’ product is very polished and works well. Every day you can increase the odds on one selections across all of their racing markets. Boosts range in size depending on the starting odds but can be up to 20%.

To do this you need to make a selection and go to your ‘Bet slip’. A little ‘Oddsboost’ icon will come up under where you enter your stake. Click it and watch your odds increase. There is a bet limit of $1000 and you can only do it for one selection per day so if you want it for the Caulfield Cup don’t waste it late the night before on the UK races.

Ladbrokes Caulfield Cup Website Options

At this stage the Caulfield Cup markets are easy enough to find, particularly on your phone, during race week it’s one of the first things to load on the page. Ladbrokes offers some very nice promotions including the  Oddsboost  so think about using that for your bets on the day.

Ladbrokes Caulfield Cup
  • Caulfield Cup Markets - 94%
  • Caulfield Cup Odds - 91%
  • Caulfield Cup Promotions - 93%
  • Caulfield Cup Website Options - 96%
  • Caulfield Cup Bonus Bet - 92%

Overall Ladbrokes Caulfield Cup Offering

If you want a site that is easy to use and quite intuitive then Ladbrokes is a great option.