How to bet on the Caulfield Cup with Luxbet
Luxbet has it’s ‘All in’ market ready to go for the Caulfield Cup. You can get to the Caulfield Cup market page straight off the home page by selecting the ‘Feature Racing’ header from the Luxbet menu then moving the sub headers down to see the Caulfield Cup link. Unfortunately, Luxbet doesn’t have a quick links bar for major upcoming events so you will need to go through the ‘Feature Racing’ header until race week when the Caulfield Cup Luxbet betting market will come up within the normal ‘Horse Racing’ header.

Luxbet is not a great experience on your phone, the page isn’t laid out well at all. To find the Caulfield Cup first select the menu and go to ‘Other Racing’. This will bring up the ‘Feature Racing’ link, however, the Caulfield Cup is still another page deep under ‘Australia’ before it appears.

Luxbet Caulfield Cup Markets

Like all the makers Luxbet currently only has an ‘All in’ for the ‘Win’ and ‘Each Way’ markets on the Caulfield Cup. Closer to the race you will be able to find the normal range of markets like any other race. By selecting the Caulfield Cup link now you will be directed to a page with a list of all the available horses, similar to a ‘Pick the Premier’ page for sports. You can select either ‘Win’, ‘Place’ or ‘Each Way’ straight from the ‘All in’ race page. Luxbet is offering a  “Cashout”  feature on these bets so if you want to put on an early bet you can also exit it if you have a change of heart.

Once the full markets is available on the site, if you select the race link you will go to the race page. The Luxbet page isn’t quite as clean as some of the other corporate bookmakers but it is still fairly straight forward. They have all the normal Win, Place, Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta and First Four markets. Again they offer Cashout feature on these bets also.

Luxbet do not have any of the more complicate markets that some of the other bookmakers offer which is good if you just want to bet and not be distracted by seemingly good, but usually less valuable markets.

Luxbet Caulfield Cup Promotions

Luxbet do not have many promotions so don’t go there looking for a cash back deal. They do however always offer the biggest Bonus Bet offering of all corporate bookies currently sitting at $502 (on 13th October 2016) and have ‘Cash Out’ as standard so depending on your strategy it might be worth placing early bets on the Caulfield Cup with Luxbet.

Luxbet Caulfield Cup Overall Rating

Luxbet has the Caulfield Cup available straight off their home page so it’s easy to get to. Just remember to click down once when you select the ‘Feature Racing’ header or you won’t be able to see the Caulfield cup link. Luxbet doesn’t have any special markets or fancy deals so if you can get these somewhere else it is worth using them first and maybe hedging your bets with Luxbet. Having said that Luxbet predominantly offer the biggest available bonus bet via their partner sites, and have managed to do the same again this year with a $502 bonus bet offering.

Luxbet Caulfield Cup
  • Caulfield Cup Markets - 78%
  • Caulfield Cup Odds - 82%
  • Caulfield Cup Promotions - 50%
  • Caulfield Cup Website Options - 60%
  • Caulfield Cup Bonus Bet - 100%

Overall Luxbet Caulfield Cup Offering

The Luxbet website isn’t quite as intuitive as some other bookies, but still simple enough to get on with for the Caulfield Cup. If the horse you are backing for Caulfield Cup has better odds at Luxbet then use them for sure, otherwise if you are new to it all, there are friendlier websites and good deals to be had elsewhere, having said that, if you're looking for the best available sign up bonus, then look no further and grab the best deal with Luxbet.